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MPLS LAB Gns3 Configuring MPLS Cloud Providers with VPN, BGP

MPLS Cloud diagram

MPLS Service Providers Configuration with BGP and EIGRP Route redistribution This article is about MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching, which  is commonly used by telecom operators (ISP) as connectivity solution of long distance. Before going to technical discussion, a first important observation is that the configuration of this technology in the corporate environment or enterprise is totally different from […]


Layer 3 Switching vs Routing | End the Confusion! L3 vs Router

wireless AP controller

What is difference between layer-3 Switching and Routing? To understand the difference between L3 Switching and routing, it is better to understand basic definition of switch and router. Remember the following in case of switch and router: Switch is considered as Layer-2 device that performs circuit switch or forwarding decisions based on layer 2 table […]


Difference between Modular Router Vs Non-modular router

What is Non-modular router? Non-modular router are low-end router and have fixed interfaces/Cards, we cannot able to add ports/interfaces latter on. This class of routers used to connect a home or small business ISP users. Non-modular router not only provides SLIP or PPP connection, also supports other protocols such as virtual private network protocols PPTP and IPSec, etc. […]


OSPF Quiz or Routing Protocol Test

OSPF Interview Questions and Answers Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is a one of the famous routing protocol, it is a very vast topic and this quiz is covering the most important questions related to OSPF, that may be ask from you in networking interview. You can re-take the quiz for randomly selected new questions. You […]


EIGRP Quiz/Test with Answers

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) is routing protocol designed by Cisco Systems. It is an enhanced version of Cisco’s earlier Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP). You can take the Quiz related to Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol.   Try other Quizes: BGP Quiz, IPv6 Quiz, RIP Quiz, OSPF Quiz, Networking Quiz


When to use OSPF | why use Open shortest path first?

Why we use OSPF as a Routing Protocol? OSPF works great in different WAN environments like  point to point, non broad cost multi-access, point to multipoint, frame-relay and in LAN environment. OSPF is also a great routing protocol for dialup scenarios and in heterogeneous organization which use to own different companies or business having with […]